Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who here loves grocery shopping?

I used to...however that has changed since I have a family of 5 and usually try to go with OUT the kiddos.

See if you take three lil helpers a short list-20 minute trip takes nothing short of 3 hours! Really. Even with well behaved children.

So I play this game and try to wait out my fridge and cupboards and see how empty they can get before I go.

Now enter my most recent huge shopping trip, it was a few weeks ago now, but I don't think I have learned my lesson yet, as everything is looking pretty bare again.

I bet you are wondering, well I hope, what on earth I am talking about.

This trip was not fun! Out here in Utah it is different than WI. I loved going weekly back home because I got the weekly double coupon prices. Well they don't offer that out here, so your best bet is to price match at walmart. So after meticulously preparing my list and coupons and matches I headed on my way to walmart. Solo.

I was excited, and then I shopped, and shopped, and well my cart started to look like it was going to explode.

So I brought it up to the check out lady and said, "I need to get another cart, I have a lot of stuff to get, can I leave this here until I am done?" She said sure and I went on my merry way...dreading the ending price. So I finish up and head to my checkout line, it has been a LOT longer total than I wanted, so I was ready to head home. As I approach the checkout my hearts starts pounding harder, I must be missing it, I can't see my cart. I creep slower toward the line, nope not there. I ask the lady where it is. She says she doesn't know, she didn't think I was coming back.

In my most polite voice I say "I told you I was getting more stuff and I'd be back." Her response? Oh sorry she says. Ok now I can feel em...they are building, welling up in my eyes...I am gonna start bawling like a baby. She suggests going to customer service to check, it was there a minute ago. I head cart to be seen. The tears are getting fuller. I head over to where the manager is setting up for night returns throughout the store. PHEW he is starting to take stuff out of this massively loaded cart. MY cart! NO I almost shout, that is mine...I am buying that stuff. He looks at me like I am that crazy lady. I suggest that I needed a lot of stuff and politely take my cart and head to the checkout.

So the rest of my shopping experience goes through a little slow, but with out mishap. Thankfully.

However the original question, will I ever learn my lesson? I doubt it, because if you remember my grocery cart spill fiasco, I should have learned then not to over stuff my carts!

Someday.... maybe :P


  1. Oh, poor you! I overstuff my carts too! So sorry you went through all of that. I hope you managed to get it all and restock your pantry.

  2. My eyes would be welling up as well. I'm glad you found your cart and didn't have to start over (I'd have left it that was to happen lol). I got asked yesterday how I got all that stuff to fit in one cart. I told them careful packing and I was hoping the bags were loaded right so I could get it all back in there as I was by myself. She made it fit :)

  3. Lol thanks girls, yeah it's kinda crazy isn't it? Yeah considering it was10 pm I was going to leave...thankfully I got it and I need a little less this time.Vickie, you pack your cart careful before checkout? Man that is awesome!

  4. Hahaha! Those are, that would happen to me laughs! I really think we are a lot alike. Though I would have actually yelled out, "Noooo!" Hopefully your next shopping trip is less eventful. :)


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