Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do you love grocery shopping?

If so you most likely have never had one of these trips!!

I decided to go to Wal-mart on Sunday (because in UT it is VERY very empty on a Sunday) and thought what a great idea, I will get in, get all my stuff and get out.

Well first of all, I was doing price comparisons, so I should have known better, and second isn't it Murphy's law that nothing ever goes right?

So after an hour and a half I was waiting in line with my OVER flowing cart...I hate when we get to the end of the month and need literally everything! So anyhow I was patiently waiting for the full cart in front of me, and as I was organizing my cart getting ready to unload I hear this unmistakable sound.

The sound that made everyone around cringe. It was breaking glass. No it wasn't a child dropping a piece of stem-ware, or a woman going into labor (awe come on you have heard it, the pickle jar thing, no? ok anyhow...) it was me , yes wonderful lil ol me, well no I take that back, it wasn't me, it was the jar that decided to come alive and made a choice that it wanted to commit suicide instead of coming home to be ravenously eaten by my family. It came to the conclusion that the wal-mart floor seemed a better fate for it.

It doesn't end there either. Since it was a Sunday in UT, the checker was the only guy available and he had to put the full carted couple in front of me on hold, go find a wash cart, come clean it up, find someone to swept up the remains and make sure it was all gone.

So I ran to get another one, and you can bet your booty that I held onto that jar as if it was my firstborn!

Finally they left and another checker came on duty and checked me out. She couldn't have been nicer, which was a relief. However I had SO many groceries that I needed two carts, which means that I needed someone to help out. So she had that same guy, checker cleaner, come and help me. On our way out, he says "if you don't mind, how did you end up breaking that jar"

Ummm, well I thought it would be fun to see if glass really did shatter when it hits the ground at an angle.


It fell...DUH!!!

Is what I wanted to say, but I actually just shrugged off saying;

"Well you saw how full my cart was, and it just happened to be on the top, and it fell"

So, to make a long story short, I really can't stand shopping! At least the kind that includes picking up groceries!

Note to you; When over stuffing your cart make sure to not put the glass items at the top!


  1. I dropped a large jar of pace, only it wasn't at check out it was trying to get it from the shelf to the cart.

  2. it is such an all engulfing feeling isn't it? LOL i felt like a kid in a candy store who knoced over the gumball machine!


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