Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Car Pack Carrier: How to make it so you are ready for anything!

So I figured that a good portion of my readers aren't from UT, so I wanted to share this "how to" with you. I was watching studio 5 the other day, which by the way is a fabulous show! It is one of my very favorite shows, and if you live here and don't watch it, you need to! Sad that a "news" show is on my favorites list. But it has tips on EVERYTHING from how to's, food, stuff to try, places to go in SLC and so on.

Anyhow, I decided to give their car pack carriers a try. And boy am I glad I did!

We decided for my birthday that we would go to Bridal Veil Falls which was a beautiful day and a beautiful decision.

The neat part about it is, this time of year, you can wade, well with the runoff this year, swim in the base/foot of the waterfall. You can even climb it quite a ways up. It was very cool, but for two little unsteady feet, this meant falling in at some point or another.

Alyssa decided since she fell in she would make the best of it and do her best at being Ariel.

So as we weren't ready to go home, and it was a half hour drive, we wanted to try a new BBQ place, I went to my trusty carpack where I had clothes for them all ready to go. (they become very compact if you put them in Ziploc with the air out) They changed in the van and poof, they were ready for another fun adventure.

So lets not put you off anymore:

How to have a car/van/SUV that is ready for any adventure!

In the first one, this is your emergency of sorts, but it is way better than just an emergency kit. it is THE emergency kid. Super Mom's kit.

In the summer you never know where you are going to stop or for how long. There has always been that "longer than expected stop". Or maybe you wanted to stop at a park but just couldn't because you didn't have (insert necessary but un-necessary item here)

With this one you can.

Beach towels
Water bottles
Med. Kit
Hair ties
Bug spray
Handy wipes
Outfits for your kids, each one, (cheap ones) that they can change into in case of emergency (ie, the trip to the waterfall where they fell in and needed a change of clothing)
Garbage bags

(go to the dollar store for ALL these items and it doesn't hardly cost you a thing)

Then there is what I call the fun bucket. This is good for those days you want to stop at a park but just don't feel ready...this too has come in handy, at the fireworks when the kids wanted glow bracelets they were selling for an arm and a leg, and for these I only paid 1$...insert glow bracelets + happy kids = happy parents!

Jump ropes
Nerf football thrower
glow bracelets
sidewalk chalk
funny prickly balls
catch game
bottles to fill with water

Again all of this you can find either at the Target dollar spot, or at the dollar store, so it doesn't add up to much. The snacks you buy are perfect in size because they are very small in amount, so it isn't wasteful and they are the kind that won't go bad.

I am SO glad I have done this, so I encourage you to make up one of your own sets and then tell me about it. What did you do? What did you add? Were you able to use it? Link to a picture if you want :)

Have fun!!

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  1. Love the idea, we have something similar in the camper and one in the car. I need to come up with a better plan for the truck though. Another great thing we find to throw in is crystal light packets and in the travel section get some toilet seat covers, for those unplanned trip to the gas station bathroom. Hand sanitizer on toilet paper works well too for instant 1/2 way clean moms still gonna hold you up bathroom breaks.


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