Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to have princess tea (strawberry watermelon slush recipe)

Ok so I suppose if I run a blog called Princess Pieces one might think or expect stuff on living a girly life, ie. being a princess.

Running a household with a bunch of lil royalties I have had my fair share of princess parties, and and I'm not talking about a Cinderella birthday party. Really truth be told, I enjoy it, sometimes more than the kids I think. Preparing a royal feast for them I get all the OHHs and AHHHs that one would expect to get from the culinary experts critiquing the finest cuisine.

The happy lil faces say it all.

So with out further adieu;

How to serve a royal tea party.

A little neighbor girl was leaving, moving far away. Alia and Lissy Cakes decided that they wanted to throw her a tea party to remember on the day of her excursion. So we went forward with it and did it in style.

To have a royal party you must have:

Slushy (recipe below) with umbrellas, (awe come on, they are just plain fun...) fruit of your choosing, animal cookies, iced of course, "tea" aka lemonade, and of course no party would be complete with out a decorate your own cupcake bar!

To achieve the china look, your new best friend is rummage sales and DI (or for my WI friends Goodwill).

Look for "tiny" glasses and plates is easier than you might think:

Know all that homeless dishware you see? These can consist of saucers that don't have a mate, fancy shot glasses, and little decorative glasses and votives that seem like they have no purpose in life. Their purpose was just waiting for you to purchase them to complete a royal tea set. A good storage is an old camera bag or purse, and wrapped in your hubbys old t-shirt that you have been waiting to get rid of!

Oh sorry honey, i misplaced it, don't worry I know it's here somewhere...

If you have been successful you will walk away with a huge mess to clean, but a smile in your heart and on your little girls face! (and a whole lotta empty dishes!)

So go ahead, have yourself and your lil princess a tea party! Make sure if you do, to share with me (in comments) what you did for your royal subject and how it turned out!


Watermelon Strawberry Slushy

1C chopped watermelon
1c strawberries
2 tbsp sugar (or substitute)
1 tsp lemon juice
1 c ice chunks

Blend all together in your blender and ta-da you now have a beautiful yummy watermelon slush!

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  1. I love how it turned out. Really fits the description of being a "princess". It's always heartbreaking to see friends move away but I do hope these princesses keep in touch.


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