Saturday, June 11, 2011

WOW! And a few other you read this?

Ahhhh I'm back...

My computer was hit with one of those darn Trojan viruses and i fell for it! You would think I would have figured it out, but man those guys are tricky! It looks just like a windows vista update so I said sure run. Good thing I had all my stuff backed up (actually just on) an external hard drive. I HIGHLY recommend one if you have not put your important documents and pictures on one.

So this weekend was fabulous. My brother arrived on Thursday and his wife on Friday. The girls LOVE having them here so it was a blast to see how happy they were. We had a wonderful time too. Last night we ended up going to a nice bar just to have a drink and visit for a few hours. Too bad that just as we arrived I decided it would be a good idea to fall HALF way down the stairs. I had to look like such a fool to everyone, and really I have some pretty nice bruises. At least this time I won't wonder where they came from!!

Then there were the soccer games today, which it was beautiful for! However Lissy's game was cut short because of one AMAZING jerk of a dad! Now I don't throw that title around lightly. I am not one to pass flowers, but this guy deserves it!!

All these cute little FOUR year olds are playing soccer, and this one little girl from the other team had a third offense of pushing our girls, hard. So our coach instructed her (VERY gentle, he couldn't hurt a fly if he wanted to) that pushing is against the rules.

Said dad came rushing, no bruising, onto the field yelling obscenities at our coach, about to go in for a punch. Joe, our coach, looked a bit baffled, he totally didn't see it coming....none of us did...well he immediately called GAME and went to tell the heads of the league.

What was so sad though is in this time this guy did NOT stop! He made Alyssa cry and a lot of the other little girls scared! Moms had to rush onto the field to get their kids off so they wouldn't be near him to see or hear it. He yelled at one of our pregnant moms who said thanks for ruining it for the kids, that where are all our husbands, he will kick each and every one of their butts, but not using such kind words.

My concern wasn't really for us, as it was his daughter. If he throws this much stink over nothing at a baby's game, then what does he do to his family, his daughter at home??

It is all over and done with now. But WOW is really all I am left thinking.

The rest of the day is finishing fine. Though Lissy just came out to tell me she needs "three blows in this Kleenex, three blows in this Kleenex, and three in this last one". This child cracks me up at times!!

Question for you. Though who knows if anyone reads this...what do you want to hear me write about?? I would really like to get this going and have it interesting for you to read. I want to become a blogger that people follow, sooooooooo what would get you reading??? HU???

I am also thinking of adding a different blog link to this one with my couping information...what do you think??

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