Friday, June 24, 2011

3 girls + quiet = trouble, trouble = mess, and mess = happy girls!

A full day indeed. But I guess that means for you a two or three part post :) so you have a better chance of finding something interesting or worth reading right?

So the marathon started off early in the morning. That is when they are supposed to start right?

I did the dishes, wiped down the counters, swept the floor, cleaned the freezer and started prepping for the dinner I was to cook tonight. All in the meanwhile the little princesses are making their rounds messing the baby's room, un-stocking their room, putting blankets in the living room and their final destination, my room. (side note, last night I lifted my pillow up to move it to lay to sleep and i found about 6 random plastic dogs and zhu zhu pets under it)

After a well balance lunch, no really, it was pretty good this time, and books found one princess went off to dreamy land while the other two immersed themselves in the fictional world of several, and when I say several I mean like a million, books.

After a much needed quiet time, ok yeah you got me, I was the one who MUCH needed it, nevertheless, after this time we moved to the outside. Played for a bit and then the creation began.

I made my, try to find something better, ribs (recipe here)

And we did some "homework" work book pages (they are smart lil buggers, have I mentioned that before?) Then it was craft time.

This part you may want to try, it has turned out really super fun and cute.

Stained glass, I guess you could call it that.

Have the lil ones go find a few flowers, the flatter the better tho.
Bring em in and place em on wax paper
Then have them go on a hunt through your house for all the broken crayons. You know you have em, maybe check the couch, floor vents, random boxes and bags of your child's??
Take a cheese grater and let them pick which colors they want and grate the crayon (a knife will work in a pinch) onto the wax paper next to and around their flower (or leaves or whatever you choose, or nothing will make it pretty too)
When all set, place another piece of wax over that one and iron (LOW setting please!) it. Make sure the kiddos are watching this part as it is magical to little eyes!

Next let dry for about 2 minutes, and while that is doing its thing, cut 4 strips of construction paper and glue onto the wax paper in a frame. Now your peanuts masterpiece is ready to hang on the window to let the sunlight show through.

Stand back and watch their pride :)

The last part of the day, I got to enjoy my first salon session. I bet you are envoious of my stylists?? Call ahead, they are booking months in advance!

Now it is 9, hey its summer, i know your kids weren't in bed much earlier were they? Anyhow it is quiet and the three princesses are resting up for another day of creating their kingdom, and I my friends am going to go enjoy a movie with king.

Day complete. :)


  1. What a creative idea! I may have to try that....

    Love the hair!! Too cute!

  2. Lol thanks Jen! The craft really only took about a half hour, super easy and we did it while I made dinner! If you do post a link to pics here and tell me how it went! :)

  3. I am envious of those art works! I think it was a good idea that you're sparking out creativity in kids. Would also love to try this art too.


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