Sunday, June 26, 2011


No I am not talking about my youngest daughter, though she can be one at times, instead I am talking about my current review.

I told you a while back, didn't I, that I was going to start doing reviews? Well if I didn't, I am telling you now. :) I am a firm believer by the way, that "mom brain" exists the number of years you have children, after your youngest. So I have three daughters, so I am allowed "mom brain" till the K-bean is 3!!

Anywho back on track....I feel reviews are an important part of motherhood, a way for all of us to stick together, save each other money and share tips. So please if this is helpful, or you have something you want to know about that I, or someone reading, may have or have tried, leave a comment and ask away.

Today I wanted to tell you about the almighty colored pencil.

Bet you thought all colored pencils are created equal. Well I have recently figured out they are not. With three picture drawing, note writing, coloring lil princesses, we have tested every coloring mechanism on the market!
The newest try is Crayolas Pipsqueak colored pencils. They say "little pencil BIG color" and it is SOOOO true! Oh my goodness ladies, this is amazing. They color as bright as a crayon and they are sturdy and hold up to just about any type of coloring. (ie, the little chubby hand wrapped around it and pressing down so hard that no crayon tip could withstand the pressure)

They make beautiful pictures, the tips last, the color is vivid, and, get this, the best part is that they come with their own sharpener that is so easy to use, even a 4 year old can do it themselves! I have proof! :)

So go ahead, this is a purchase WORTH paying for!

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