Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Key to my sanity.....

There they are...they look so nice don't they?

Have you ever lost your mind, er, uh, i mean your keys?

Well I am betting I can make you feel better about any loss you may have Let me try....

So a few days ago hubby and I noticed that the keys were missing. I knew he had used them and it wasn't I who lost them. But then his protest that he used the spare key and I must have mis-placed, or "Colleen lost" (as he calls it) them made me think twice, maybe it was me.

That is, until today. I was loading the van with two Tv's that we no longer want to use and are taking to the local DI. But I noticed that strangely, the car was locked, and I never lock it so it couldn't have been me.

Then even stranger as I was putting one of the tv's into the car it beeped at me, you know like it does when you are remote locking it.

I stand up, look around cautiously. Hmmm, ok so now I am wondering if my sweet, but very un-disciplined neighbor kids had taken, ok, I didn't use that word, I said stolen, my keys. I mean it had to be it. I was 99% sure! Sooooooo sure that I went over to my wonderful elderly neighbor to tell him to be on the look out for my car and house because this had happened and it made me very nervous. I mean now I knew they couldn't just be lost because the baby was playing in a pile of dirt, *sigh yes*, and Alyssa was riding her trike. So it had to be the hooligan neighbors!

He assured me he would watch.

So I go into the house with the girls, still cautiously looking around, and make their lunch. I was a bit nervous, I mean someone had my house keys on there too!

Then as I was preparing food, I decided to reach in my pocket, and there it was, deep down....the spare key I had used this morning. Ok, starting to retreat a little, so maybe the kids didn't take the keys after all. I decided to go on a witch hunt for those darn things. Looked everywhere I could think of, until I revisited the prospect that dear hubby might have had them last. Lets see, what was he wearing to church. Jeans, checked, nada, coat, and there, nestled down in his front sport coat pocket, were none other than MY keys!

So, now I felt oh so foolish, when I had to tell my neighbor that no, it wasn't the kids who stole the lost keys, it was me who lost my mind!!

There. Don't you feel better!?

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