Monday, June 13, 2011

Healthy? Did we all just eat healthy?!

Ok so for most of you this is no big deal. Like Sara, my friend, she cooks some stuff I have never even heard of! And her children eat it, they don't only eat it they love it! So, how do you get there, when you are here!?

I really don't have that particular answer for you, however, I DID manage to find something new and healthy for us to eat. I mean me to eat! My hubby eats most anything, the kids try more than I am willing to try, and then there is me, corn and green beans. That is IT. Yep that's great right?!

So we are in need for a change because I am on this kick to feed my family healthy and give them all healthy tummies for the future. And that starts in great part with the way you eat. So here goes to trying!

I made yellow squash tonight. And guess what? It was good! Ok not great, I did still have to force it down, but that was because I am weird and not really because of the flavor! I just look at something new and think YUCK and can't seem to erase that.

So here is what I did, and even the kids liked it! Ate it all!

One yellow (summer) squash
1/8 tbsp minced onions
1/4 tsp minced garlic
dash parsley
dash marjoram
1/8 c milk
can of chix broth
garlic salt

cut the squash into circles, pretty thin and boil in the chicken broth till tender (5-10 minutes)

drain the broth off, put butter in pan and add squash back in. Pour milk over that and mix, top with rest of seasonings. simmer med-low for 15-20 min. stir once in a while.

that's it. YUM! They were so good! And Yes I came up with this recipe all on my own! Look at me go!


  1. My kids will try almost anything that I grow in the garden. I always tell them that I grew it especially for them. One of the kids wasn't hot on summer squash for a while, but he liked it cooked with diced tomatoes, red wine vinegar & spices. Now he eats it other ways too. Sometimes I cook it with butter, garlic, seasonings & a small amount of broth. Try adding a few walnuts & asiago cheese before serving... Yum! I even canned a trial batch of tomatoes with squash last summer. It required pressure canning because of the squash, but I think we'll do it again this year. Every year we try to grow at least one new thing in the garden. This year it is cranberries, parsnips & Jacob's cattle beans. Good luck in your food adventure!

  2. Well I bet that is one healthy recipe. There are really instances when kids would refuse to eat vegetables but I think the best way to let them try it is to start a new approach. Just learning and experimenting on the kitchen will do the trick. Will definitely try out this recipe. Thanks for sharing.


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