Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The night dreams are made of....

I bet after reading this you will be envious!

So hubby and I thought it was quite amusing that we were going to bed while it was still pure daylight! Yep it was the longest day of the year, 16.5 hours of bright sun, and we were heading to bed. That right there should clue you in to our state of mind these days.

Little did we know what the night had in store for us!

We were greeted before we even fell asleep with an almost sleep walking Alyssa, three times. She kept waking and wanting to come in our bed, and we kept putting her back down. Finally it was time to fall asleep, shortly after she appeared again, and we gave in and let her sleep between us. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

I guess you would say that she was a wee bit overtired when an hour later I heard her kinda whimper in her sleep only to discover she never woke to the fact that she had peed all over. Our bed. Yep, she never does this. For years it hasn't been a problem. But for some reason last night we just seemed to win the lottery over and over.

So hubby took her in her room, cleaned her up and she was basically asleep the whole time. I made the bed and cleaned up and we were about to go back to sleep when he realized he was in pain that he couldn't bare.

He headed to instant care, which of course wasn't open, and ended up in the ER until 4 in the morning! Get this, he has divers ear. Don't ask me how that happened, I mean we moved to the desert mountains, so how one gets divers ear here....only he could accomplish that one!

Anyhow on with the night. The K-bean has this amazing ability to know when her daddy has left this house! She loves her daddy, I just never realized it went as far as slumberland! She woke about 10 minutes after he left and seemed either just a plain pain in the butt, my guess, or has another ear infection. Either way she was up until he got home at 4, went down for about 10 minutes and was back up. Then I asked him at 5 to take her, he got her down for a half hour and we are up for the day....

Soooooo, maybe you'll get another post outa me yet today, it should be an interesting day!

The happy princess herself!

Now...I never said that the dream wasn't a nightmare did I?!

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