Friday, May 27, 2011

This, that, and other tidbits...(ham glaze too)

Well I guess I am trying to write every day, and if not every day, much more. I mean if I want to be an author I should probably step it up a bit hu?

So for days like last night when I dont have much to write about I will write about tidbits. Hopefully you might find something interesting about it? Make sure and let me know what you will be the best help and mood lifter I can get! :)

I also thought, since one of my books is about being a stay at home mom, and I am all about not cooking, yes you read that right!, I would share easy simple fast tried and true recipes of mine. The ones that get a 10 from hubby. Uh hu, I make him rate my meals, and he is glad to!!

So the one hilarious moment out of my day yesterday was when driving Alia to school. She informed me that, "sam was my boyfriend, but not anymore"

Ohhhh, I wondered. I asked her why she thought this, and her response, well I tried not to laugh while she was telling me, but it was soooo sweet. Now just to tell the boys mom :)

"Because mom, he just started being a real gentleman, and then we just kinda liked eachother"

HAHAHA, so sweet, but ALREADY? What on earth am in in for with three daughters?!


The rest of my day yesterday was KK keeping me on my toes! She not only is starting to walk, ON HER TERMS, but she is trouble with a capital T!!

She decided whatever I wanted to clean, that it in fact needed to be examined and torn apart. So thus my day was one where nothing happened! I guess a lot happened actually, you just couldn't tell it by looking around my home.


Lastly I figured I would share a real simple recipe with you. Ham dinner. I love it, but hubby isn't the biggest fan...that is unless I use this glaze. It is AMAZING and so simple. I make extra and freeze it for quick meals. I put it over hamsteaks and then pop in the oven and dinner is done in 20!!

1 cup Pineapple juice
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tbsp (I use less) mustard
1/2 cup honey

Put it all in a pan and bring to a boil (make sure to watch it you do not want this stuff boiling over. Trust me, I have not learned my lesson yet! It makes a baked on black ROCK type mess on your stove!) and then just simmer for a few minutes. Pour over ham and wor-laa (is that really a word?) you are done!

Ok so I hope this was of some interest to you...if not, oh well, I guess I can try again tomorrow, right? ;)

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