Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Everyone Wins.......

Except me that is.

Really anyone who knows me knows I hardly ever win anything! No matter the odds. Point and example, did you know that someone can NOT win in a situation where everyone wins?

Yep that was me. So at our MOPS meeting yesterday I was anxiously awaiting the "raffle". We got 5 tickets to put in 5 different bowls and if you didn't win the first you were to win one of the things you put your ticket in for. There were exact number of prizes as there were people, so everyone would take something home.

So here we go, first item I wanted, nope not my name, second, again no. Well, ok here goes the third, fourth, nope and nada. Ok so I became a bit excited, the last one I kinda really wanted and I had to get it, since the first four were gone. Fifth name called; NOT mine!

Ok smile, be gracious. Act like nothing happened. Someone even asked if I had my name in for those last two. " No" I answered. She said "well you have a great attitude" I was thinking, hmmm, very nice, but dear no, not if you could see me inside. I was having a tantrum. The kind where the lil child kicks and whines on the floor of the store cuz they wanted you to buy that toy!

Yep that was my luck, I can't even win where everyone wins!

However it did all end good. The girl whose name got drawn twice let me choose between her two items (neither of which I had put my name in for) so I did get to go home with something. A refill glass for the movie theater. (whenever I can get there with three small children :))

Really though it is all good. I just chose to find the humor and have a good laugh in the fact that I can't win even when the odds are EVERYONE wins.

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