Saturday, October 16, 2010


What is peaceful? Seems like a simple answer doesn't it?

I mean when you ask the ordinary woman; and by ordinary I mean someone who has not had children yet, you ask her what synonyms to peaceful shower might be, she may come up with phrases such as: quiet, relaxing, candles, luxury, invigorating, my time, and so on.

Now while those seem like such normal terms for a good hot shower, but go ask a mother of babies, especially several of them.

I have learned a new terminology for peaceful I bet you never knew existed. (or if you are such a mom as I have just described maybe it isn't so new for you!)

I was taking a shower, with three little girls all in the bathroom with me, BUT this my friends was peaceful. You wonder how that can be? Peaceful shower to a mom of babies means, there may be three kids in there with her, but she is getting her shower afterall! And an added bonus of this peaceful shower, the real icing on the cake that can make your day, is the fact that they were entertaining, to the best of their tiny abilities, the super crabby baby. Now that is what you consider peaceful!

After all you are now clean, at least for the temporary minute, and you have yourself locked in a small place in which the children don't want to follow you! Take it and RUN!


  1. That's the truth!!! I have often thought that myself when all of us are in the shower!! It doesn't get better than that...unless we are all snug in bed...SLEEPING!!

  2. That is awesome...At least you got to take a shower. Even if the kids were in there with you at least they were being good and helping to entertain the baby.

  3. I agree! Words definitely take on different meanings when one is a mom!


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