Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend Review ~ Read and Build Books By Lego

So I am back with my reviews, I know I love knowing what I am getting into, so I feel it is an important part of my blog.  Is there a product you want a review on?  I probably have it.   Especially if it is a little girls product! I swear I have every thing for girls known to woman!  So ask away, and I will review it if I have it!!  Or maybe I'll buy it  :)  I seem to always have one girl or another with a want or need. 

I would like to come back every weekend and do this, so let me know if you find it helpful!!?? 

Today I"d love to introduce you to 
 the Read and Build books from Lego

They were pretty new on the market and I was curious because my youngest LOVES books, and she loves creative things.  So she got one for Christmas and one for her birthday a few weeks later.  And let me tell you she LOVES them!!  She constantly wants to play with them, she creates her own things with them but her favorite part is following the book along.  Then after the build and story she plays with them as a toy and the story has sparked her imagination. 

The book actually has incredibly clear pictures showing each step of the way how to add another piece on.  And with each step is a cute little story. 

Even my older girls love it, though I would not recommend it for much older than 5ish.  I will say tho my 5 year old gets a new sense of fun with it as she is learning to read, because instead of just making the toy, she can now read the story on her own as she builds, it gives her a new sense of confidence.

There you have it...
All and all i would say go out and buy every one because they are well worth their money!

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