Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who knew that there were more than 5 minute rush hours!?

So my first official week out here has proven a tad challenging.

My first official Monday to school didn't go exactly as I planned. It wasn't with out trying however. I knew that I needed to leave earlier for school than back home and let me tell you this is no simple thing for me. I am NOT a morning person nor will I ever be. I can't even force myself to like coffee. I have found though a good substitute, however calories come with it. So we will have to find another avenue one of these days, but it is wonderful; hot coco with "as much caffeine as a cup of coffee!" This has been my life line for mornings.

Anyhow back to the Monday morning drive. I set off in plenty of time to get to the new school. Which normally on the way back only takes me 15 minutes, mornings take about 30 minutes, this day, I got her to school 40 minutes late! Yes and I left early! The problem? The GPS! I swear that thing hates my fingers. I pressed Intermountain Christian School, however it seemed to think it was a better idea to go to Kohls. My kind of Gadget! So as I was arriving at Kohls, I realized that yes my mind was not playing tricks on me and the scenery was not correct, I actually needed to go the OTHER WAY.

Now you think this might not be any big deal, however when you are battling SEVERAL lanes of traffic that JAMS at 8 in the morning it is a big problem!

So then as my mood deepened so did the dark in the sky. In a place that seems it should not get a lot of rain, the sky opened up and decided to pour down on my already flustered and misdirected self.

So eventually we did make it to school and on the way home, yes the dark lifted, and we went about our day, ending with picking up Alia on time! I sometimes wonder if I will EVER get used to the craziness of "city life traffic"

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  1. Glad to see a post from you and know that you are surving and figuring out how to fight the crazy world out there!


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