Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Crazies

Hey all, yes I am still alive!  I know I haven't posted in wayyyy too long, but I swear I have some good excuses.  The last time I talked to you I believe it was when my sweet lil poodle man tried to commit suicide.  Didn't see that?  Make sure you do if you are a doggie lover!  (Don't let your dog get sugar free gum)

Anyhow as if that wasn't enough in itself, we have had a ton more of that flavor of excitement lately.  I am not sure how much more excitement my hubby hubby's wallet can take.

The same day as poochie decided to chew gum, my furnace decided to bite the big one as well.  Cha Ching.  However I love my new cozy warm furnace!

Then we traveled home.  For Thanksgiving.  Which in itself was wonderful visit with family.  Then there was the ride home.  We left in plenty of time to get to the airport (almost 4 hours away)  The kids were sleeping and all was right with the world.  Until my husband notice as we just passed that last exit that traffic was backing up.  And there wasn't another exit for 8 miles.  Still shouldn't be a problem right?

Kids stirring, kids awake, kids asking when are we going to be on the airplane?  Hubby growing fidgety.  Clock ticking ticking away.  Clock reading times that aren't good.  We mist have read it wrong, right?  I mean this clock says that we have stood STILL for the past HOUR! Make that hour and a half.  Make that longer!

We finally pass what was holding us up on the back country highway WI.  A semi and two car accident.  Thankfully no one was supposedly seriously injured.  However, we pull up to the airport as our plane was about to take off.  So ching ching add that to the expense books.

Kids are happy though, they get to swim in the pool, and eat gourmet meals!

At least our room was big enough for them to run off some of their sitting for 5+ hours energy.

Finally on the flight home, we got the VERY last seats on the plane, so for that I am thankful, however a lot of people go to the bathroom in the two hour flight!

As you can see though, they can sleep through just about anything!

Finally home, we are in the midst of Christmas hub and bub.  Lights, check, cameras, check, Christmas concerts, check, shopping, check....and my list goes on....

So here I am to tell you...I'm baaaacccckkkk.

Please stop back often, as I am again on my game, until Christmas at least...and I have some fun things coming up.  

How have your holidays been so far?


  1. Nice you are writing again! The dog and the furnace the same day? That's a lot going on! I'm glad both are better. And how nice they slept on the plane. What a precious photo!

  2. The kids looked pretty exhausted from that long travel. It's wonderful seeing them peacefully sleeping.

    1. is a sleeping child always the best!!


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