Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hug your family ~ Life is too short

That is what I am asking as I sit here and reflect tonight.  Go hug your kids, and maybe more importantly, your husband.  Really.  How often do you do that randomly?  You need to go do it now, and often.

This is my beautiful family, and I am doing that at this moment....

This one is a serious note folks...

Hubby and I were sitting in church today, and I leaned over to nudge him to get off his phone cuz he was reading emails, again.  Only this time, it didn't end in playful submission.

He handed the phone over to me, displaying something that shook him up a bit.  Bad news about a guy he worked for, but even before that was friends with, we had even attended their wedding years ago.  I remember talking with his wife who had a little one at the time I had Alia.  They are such nice down to earth real people.

He was a Badgers fan just like my hubby, the only difference, he held hockey tickets and Brandon has football ones.  But both lived in Green Bay and are loyal fans.  He would go back a handful of times for the games, just like he did this Saturday.

The only thing is, he never made it home.  He was killed at 10:45 pm on the way home.  On a road the hubs and I drove thousands of times.  Some of them probably tired and not playing attention too.  They said nothing (foul) was involved.  Seems like he might have just simply fallen asleep at the wheel.

How tragic though.  He has two little ones similar ages to mine, and a loving wife he is leaving behind.  Such a good man, such a horrible thing to happen.  And this time of the year...I honestly can tell you I have NO CLUE how I would survive with out my Brandon.  He is my light, my whole world.  My everything.  Really.

So to honor Chris's life, all I can do, the best I can do, the most I can do, is to tell you to NEVER EVER think that this life isn't short.  And in doing so HUG, KISS, LOVE, talk with, spent TIME with your family, your kids, your husband, and OFTEN!!  TELL them you love them and cherish them and appreciate them.

This life is too short to do nothing else.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I know you've heard me say this before but I feel I need to say it again "Don't let today be your final tomorrow"

  2. I'm so sorry for his family. We've been close to several tragedies like this lately. It certainly puts life into perspective. I don't think I can hug my family enough.

    You have a beautiful family. :)

  3. Sorry for your loss. It's a total proof that life is really too short. Tragedies like this makes us realize that we should never really cease an opportunity of hugging our loved ones and telling them how much we love them.


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