Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just a peek at crazy...

So trying to find a rythm between life, potty training, work, groups, friends, family, everything in general has proven to be a harder task for me than I first imagined.

I have this dream, so sit down and write every day.  For me first and foremosst.  It is a way for me to get away from my daily drama and escape into a virtual world I really enjoy.  I love you my readers, and I love the seclusion writing takes.

And that is kinda where my problem is; the seclusion.  I dont get much of that these days with the hubby traveling and busy busy schedules.

But I vow for the millionth time to you that I am going to post 3 times a week.  I plan on the next two days to do Barbie Birthday partie amongst other things. 

Hopefully you still stick with me.  I so appreciate you!  Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh gosh! Potty training is so miserable. Hope you get through it soon!

    1. Oh my goodness thank you!! I forgot how much I hated it lol

  2. Oh the joys of potty training. We are going to try AGAIN in a couple of months and hope it goes better this time around.
    Don't sweat not being able to write all the time. You gotta do your life first. Blogging shouldn't become a chore. Just a hobby :-)

    1. Haha I know right?! She's still not there. Sigh, but it's ok, that means shes my baby a bit longer!
      Thanks for the blogger encouragement. it is good to hear!!

  3. Keep it up Colleen, it's great to see new and exciting things on here.

  4. Take it slow, don't be too hard on your self. I think family should come first before blogging. That cutie is so adorable.


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