Monday, April 4, 2011

Flight #10

Ahh flight # 10....well 10 for Alyssa, 12 for Alia, and 16 for Kaelyn (not including "connection" flights) I guess I could consider myself lucky that nothing crazy has ever happened on these excursions that have become the "norm" for my kids.

However flight #10 is not included in that number...

The day started out bright and fun, ending our vacation with family and friends in WI. It was gloomy, but the girls were having fun riding with grandpa in his "orange truck" and just having an easy going morning.

All that was about to change as we were loaded up in the car and headed down the road to the airport, a few minutes behind, but nothing to fret over. That is until my mother in law calls to inform us that I left the baby blanket there, something I desperately need for the flight. Ok turn around go back and pick it up, no biggie.

Progress about 45 minutes, Alia constantly asking, "when are we at the airport", and now hitting some road construction. GPS telling us of short delays, ok don't panic yet. Another delay, and another.....

Flight takes of at 2:20, ETA to the airport 1:28. Hmmmm this could be a problem, especially considering we have to park in short term parking, check in, check our bags, and get our circus through security.

Fast forward, Brandon drops me off at the door to wait for him to park, in the meantime I discover the baby smells a little off, so I go to change her diaper right there in the airport doorway to find that she has once again blown completely out. Ok time to open the HUGE suitcase to find a suitable pair of pants and change this screaming lil girl. Problem averted.

Until the next one.

We safely make it through security and down to our gate as we hear chuckles at the two lil girls running with backpacks on as big as they are. Seated and take off. All is well. This flight should be just like all the rest. The girls travel SO good for us.

WRONG. Ahh what one half hour can do to a set of parental nerves! Half way in KKbean decides that she is fussy, so I go to get out a squeeze baby food. Dear Hubby asks what I want done with it and I respond, "open it so I can give it to KK." He then hands the fussy munchkin the full bag of orange squeeze food.

Upon grabbing it, like all babies do, she did with all her might and the fountain of orange goo that shot out was comparable to the Bilagio hotels famous water show. Seeing this bright display she decided to look up at it, which, "what goes up must come down" promptly happened, all over her face, (In her eyes I might add) and the rest on her shirt, legs and my shirt and pants!
Now any of you who know the Kbean know that she has a pitch of an opera singer when she screams, add a tinge of pain from the orange goo, and you have a pitch that could break windows. My stomach turned as I see all the patrons around us wiggle and readjust in their seats as my darling breaks their eardrums. 5 seconds seems like an eternity as hubby goes to get paper towels.

Ok baby clean and quiet and happy. We are again on our way...or are we? Alyssa not intending to, decided to dump a whole glass of water in her lap...mind you we have 6 some hours left of travel. So she yells out with a shriek and her poor sister has to help wipe her lap down and sop up the lake in her seat.

Wait that isn't it yet...

Now I had been watching the Bean "do some business" but swore after the mess I saw earlier I had nothing to worry about. Wrong! I looked down and yep there it was bubbling up. I whisper to hubby QUICK get MORE paper towels (now people behind us had to begin wondering what the heck was going on, we went through about a tree worth of paper!) So I attempt to catch it, and run, the best you can on a plane, to the bathroom to place my already agitated baby on the changing table. Now if you don't like changing tables, let me tell you, one that moves is NOT going to make you happier. Thankfully the back is where the jets are and I don't think anyone heard her, or they might have questioned if I was hurting the poor child.

Back to my seat, I learned that the girls broke a set of earphones and later learned our flight connection had been delayed a few hours.

Finally, 20 minutes before landing all three of my angels fell asleep. Oh what a precious sight!

What a trip.

I can proudly announce though, that we made the rest of the trip with out any action.

So all I can leave you with is, if you think you have it all together...think again, disaster strikes when you least expect it.

At least you get a good chuckle today. :)


  1. Haaaaaa! Love it....all in a days work!! Too funny!

  2. That's hilarious! Glad you made it through. I might have had a meltdown. :)

  3. I have to say that I am so glad it was u and not me....I have to say I have taken disabled on vacations about 5-7 a year for about 4 years and never has anything like any of that happened....I'm so glad u are still with ur wonderful kids and not in they are the earnest thing..sometimes precious sometimes not so precious....:)


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