Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The doorbell and the sewing lesson...


Such a simple word. Such an innovative way to let you know when people are at your, well, door. Everyone has one. Everyone uses one. Yes you could knock and many do, but over a house of three little princess, at any given time a knock might be too quiet, but a doorbell will let you know when friend, neighbor, or pesky sales person is at your door.

We didn't have a doorbell, we have that intercom system that was ALL the rage about 20 years ago!! It was the thing to have, the best of the best. Well the best is now in one hit wonders hall of fame! Anyhow our "doorbell" is hooked up to one of those, that doesn't work.

Finally hubby and I decided to put in the doorbell that you can just plug into the wall. HOW COOL! Love it, now we can hear when someone is at the door.

Well after the last few times, I have decided that I am no longer a huge fan of this invention, the doorbell, at least for the moment. I have learned that it is inevitable that when you are trying to put a tired baby to sleep, someone will come to your door and want to visit with you, therefore pressing that little button. And there it went, DING DONG.

Pretend you aren't home! DING DONG... Darnit! Don't you know no one is home? Think think think, will them away! Oh well guess my van in the drive is a dead giveaway!

Finally. Gone. Now that I have answered the door to the well meaning neighbor and finally got baby down it is time for my sewing lesson. I wasn't aware I was in need of another lesson so close to my last. My last being last night! I discovered when a dear friend came to help me learn to put together my dress for my sweet lil girl...that I cut the "marking" on the fold! Creating a hole right in the middle of the dress. (And when I went to again buy some more replacement fabric the lady at the store chuckled and suggested she keep it up there with my name pinned to it. Ouch.)

Super Cute Fabric hu?

So more to learn...I go to stitch a bit today and the thread decided to get wound up into the machine some how, I have NO idea how! So after having a staring contest with the machine, willing the tread to come out on its own I figured I needed to be smarter than a heap of plastic! I went and got the arch enemy, a screwdriver, and took the bugger apart. AND I DID IT! I figured it out on my own, not even help from YouTube!!!

The lesson continued as I called my mom and texted that dear friend in half panic attacks every time I can't figure out what the dumb instructions are directing me to do. But I did it! I have a bodice done and a skirt ready to be finished. Sooooo here is to hoping that Murphy's law doesn't come into effect tomorrow!!

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