Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Need to bust a gut?

I have the way for you to do it and it isn't like you think? Or if it is I am amazed there is someone out there just like me! Go now, run, get this book, "Rhyming Dust Bunnies" Make these guys your secret place, your guilty secret...

Ok so well I have a ton more I could blog about, and you might be more interested in, but after the day, wait, WEEK I've had I need to go mindless.
I mean I have had enough of the baby boogs for a while. My poor KK Bean fell pretty darn sick with what started as a cough and ended as her not being able to breathe and a high fever. Which then resulted in needing to be cared for, translation, held, all night long. So what do you get when you cross two parents with one baby that is sick? Total nothingness!!

Anyhow, like I said I probably won't make a whole lot of sense here so I best get to the point before I loose you!

I was at the book fair with my girls today at Alia's school and told Lissy she could pick a book, but as I was browsing waiting for her, I stumbled upon a gem that made me laugh out loud right there in the isle. I haven't done that to a children's book, well probably since I was a child myself! Or darn close to it! Reminds me of the joy we should feel when in the presence of our lil ones!

Reading it again tonight I was laughing as we went along.
I is the simplest of books, yet so darn stinking cute! I highly suggest getting it!!! If you need a pick me up just hide in your drawer and pull it out every time you feel like pouting like a tantruming toddler! It is bound to make you forget exactly what you were upset with in the first place!

Its about these poor lil dust bunnies who rhyme, but one lil guy just doesn't seem to get it right. But in the end it was he who turned out to be the smartest lil dust speck of all! You'll laugh as you hear them scold poor dust bunny #4, and you'll start to put the puzzle together that this lil guy is trying to tell you!

Let me know if you read this one! Really, I would love your opinion!!!

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