Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Free Spa Naturals

Free Spa Samples

Answer a few short questions and we'll mail you a complimentary South of France Spa Naturals sample kit. The kit includes a 1.25 oz. Orange Ginger Facial Cleanser Bar, .25 oz. Citrus Mint Facial Scrub and .25. oz Cucumber Aloe Facial Moisturizer -- all in a reusable organza bag with a coupon for yet another great South of France Spa Naturals offer. Please allow up to three weeks for processing & shipping. By completing this form, you consent to receive South of France Spa Naturals promotions via email. Your email address will never be shared for any purpose. You may opt out of our email update program at any time. AT THIS TIME WE ARE ONLY ABLE TO SHIP U.S. ADDRESSES. Only one sample request per household, please (requests with duplicate addresses will be discarded).

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