Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gods Creation in Mothers

It was the first beautiful summer night. 75 degrees, the breeze fresh on your skin.

As you look around the table, coffee in almost every cup and dessert at almost every table spot. Yep you can always tell a table of moms! Not only were we all indulging in the things that bring a moment of guilty pleasure, we were laughing and talking the night away.

How else do you know we are moms? The topics that were bringing laughter. If you go around to different tables laughter is very different from a moms laughter. Almost every topic discussed was about nothing other than our precious little ones. The trials, the mishaps, the patience they require, the fun they bring, the smiles they give us, every thing those little gifts can give us, we discussed it. And it was wonderful.

It is so necessary for moms to get out and have that time alone. Time with out the husband, time with out the child asking to have one more cookie, or spilling yet another glass of whatever that was on the floor, time with out the laundry calling her name, time with out the bills screaming at her, time with out the dirty dishes assaulting her senses. In other words, time to recharge her batteries, so she can go again like no one other than a mom can.

Even the Bible tells us that it is good to be with friends. Ones that are not only just a friend, but for us to feel that we can seek them for advice...

Proverbs 27:9
Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart, and the pleasantness of one's friend springs from his earnest counsel.

All this is really saying is that just like certain smells, good lotions etc, give us a joy and a calmness, how they take us away for that moment. Soto a friendship does this same thing, it is good for our hearts to have a good friend that helps to bring us a renewed relaxation. It is "good for the soul". God put other Christian women in our lives for a reason, and to call upon his resources is a wonderful and honoring thing to him.

Bet you never thought of it that way? That by going out with your friends would be honoring God, did you? So right now, if you are stressed and need relaxation, call a friend, it really is
ok to put that housework on hold for a few minutes. Call on them for the support God created them to give you. Or be there for their support, take that time to show that His creation, His present to you, truly is important, more so that that housework.

Make sure to pray today and thank God for all those that He has placed in your life.

I thank him for those wonderful women I met with last night. The ones that we discussed and laughed about all those childhood issues, the mommy issues and every other issue in between.

Mothers are a wonderful creation and they make wonderful friends!


  1. Thanks for being one of those wonderful woman friends for matter where you are you are always there for me when I need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. And I know that you know I will be there for you! Love Ya and thank you!

  2. Aweee thank you!!! It is so good to have friends like you and to hear that!! I needed to hear that. You made my day!


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