Saturday, May 15, 2010

Whack A Mole

Ahhh 5 years ago. Seems so short........yet so long ago.

So long that if I had a uneventful night now, I think I just might go insane becauwe I wouldn't know what to do! Back then I didn't have to worry about bedtime. It was so simple, I mean all you did was put baby in her crib and there you were done. Watch tv in peace, or do whatever it is you do.

Now as one of my friends so simply put it, it is like a constant game of Whack A Mole! And I only have two! What is my life going to be like with 3 to get down. I swear I was SURE tonight they would go down with out a fight. Was I ever wrong. Little princess are just that, princesses. And they demand their royal attention!

See you hear those lovely pieces of advice from well meaning "adults"

"Let the kids play outside and they will tire out good for you."

"Kids run around with dogs and they will tucker themselves out"

"Don't give your kids sugar or they will be hyper and up all night"

And so on goes the advice. Well, lets see, my kids didn't have sugar, and they are still up. They ran with the dogs OUTSIDE for hours and they are still up.

The excuses? Well, there is "I need water" (you have a sippy cup full), "My sister is hogging my bed" (remind me why they are in the same bed in the first place?), "I fell and hit my mouth on my dolls bunk bed" (why did you fall again?), "I need to go potty" (you went right before bed), "Are you going to put me in the crib" (Well no, but since you are up asking...............'Noooooooooo thump thump thump go the little feet as fast as they can back up the stairs'), "I found this hair tie mama" (so put it on your dresser, no need to come to me dear!). And so on...........

Though now as I sit, it is quiet...finally, at least for a while, until the baby decides to wake the minute my head hits the soft squishy pillow and my body slowly relaxes and I drift to sweet dream land. Then and only then will she decided that now is the time she is hungry.

But as I type this, for that brief moment in time, all is quiet.

So I guess, that means I won the game, or at least this round....

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