Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The grocery game

Ahhh it had turned into a good night, the excitement was building, the anticipation of what was to come was almost too much.

The anticipation of what deal I would get...if you get just the right deal it is such a rush.

The day had been long, lots of high pitched girly noises. Sometimes good and sometimes not so good. The evening wore one with even more little girly noises coming from my class I teach Wed. nights at church. The kindergarten girls. Hmm all little girls were especially loud and high pitched today...even these little girls. But the class none the less went well.

One little girl even told me my project, memorial stones, was a great project! (I had them paint stones with a cross and some glitter, so when they looked at them it was a "memorial" of what Jesus did for us by dying on the cross. We had read John 4 about how they gathered the stones and placed them as a memorial to remember how God rescued them) so this seemed fitting, easy and fun. The girls agreed.

All was right with the world.

Believe it or not I had everything prepared. Yes it was ME who had this prepared. I know shocker right?

So my little coupon box and I headed off to the grocery store with the above mentioned anticipation.

Then it struck, that blow that tells you the rest of the night, or at least the trip, just might not go your way. And it didn't. All from the start of the blueberries. None. Ok Skippy peanut butter, that stuff I swear, we go through it like water. Well ok WAY better than water, cuz come on, who really drinks all that much water? But you know what I am saying. We go through a LOT of peanut butter. Do you think they had any? Nope.

"A truck comes in tomorrow" they tell me. Yeah well that doesn't do me a whole lotta good on coupon double day today does it? Moving on, how about the Hershey's syrup? Nope.

Ok this is now getting a bit old, but I trudge on. I hunt and gather, going meticulously over my list. Time and again re-organizing my thoughts to match up the best deals, the ones that will give you the biggest rush.

So finally I stand in line, even with all the trials of the isles, I am feeling pretty good. So good in fact that I share my key card with several different people in my line, and let two others go ahead of me.

Then I hear it, this poor lady in the line next to me. The line I was contemplating going over to instead of the one I was in. The guy kept repeating himself that she couldn't do two transactions, when in fact I knew she could. Poor woman. Poor me, I had two transactions. Yes I was in a different line, but now I was getting nervous. I look at my list, I check it twice, three times actually. I felt the pressure, for that lady, for me building. I didn't want to go home with out half my order. I have never had to do that before...I so didn't need this for my night.

God bless the check out lady, she saw what I had and just said "oh I see you have two?" I said "yes is that ok?" And she, that sweet angel, said yep. So I move on, giving her all my coupons and cards and rain checks.

I head home to what I have heard has been world war III between daddy and Alia. Poor lil thing is crying her eyes out upstairs (might I add as her sister is passed out cold) because she learned that daddy does in fact have the willpower to hold out his threat. One for team daddy.....still 1001 team Alia. But daddy got one! Bout killed him too, but he did it! I am proud of him.
So while I am upstairs explaining that daddy is bigger than her and no he isn't just like her for her to boss around he is unloading the grocery's.

I ask him what he thinks I spent on all of it (including 5 12pks of soda, 2 lil bins huggies wipes, milk, strawberries, muffin mix, jello puddings, 12rolls cottonell, 3lbs hamburger, 2 boxes frosted miniwheats, Breyers ice cream, cool whip, 2 lean cuisine meals, etc etc etc). He says 78$ thinking that was a great amount to have spent. So imagine the thrill I still got when I told him my grand total was.................52$!!!

Ahh yes, all is right with the world again....and thus, I had to come tell you!

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