Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How can I teach Patience...

Ever wonder how you can teach something if you don't possess it yourself?

My dad once said to me, "Colleen how can you teach the girls discipline if you don't control it yourself?" (reffering to my love of junkfood) It is true though.

The Scene: On the phone; "Mommy, mommy MOMMY." "WAIT honey."
That's the answer.

The Scene: You are in the store; "can I have this, can I have that please please." " WAIT honey, till your birthday/christmas/some other time."
That's the answer.

The Scene: You have cake for dessert; "oh mommy can i have some!?" ""No not until you finish all your food/veggies/dinner."
That's the answer.

The Scene: Early evening or afternoon on a sunny day; "Mommy can I go to a friends house?" "No honey wait till tomorrow..."
That's the answer.

Wait. Hurry up. But wait! That is our society these days, instant safisfaction. But that doesn't mean it is right. Just like so many things of this world, just because they are here doesn't mean they are always for our benefit. Learning patience is a good thing. It teaches us strength, growth, and perservierce.

But I still dont have a lot of it. Changes might be happening, do you think I can enjoy the moment I am in instead of just wanting to know? Like that little girl in bed wanting to play right now I ask why can't i?

I am kind of rambling I guess. I just dont have patience and I know it is a virtue and I need to learn that one. You would think three kids and several years later I would have. I guess I am a work in progress.

I am asking why can't I??


  1. Ah, Colleen. To me patience means being able to wait for something that will happen--sooner or later. What you are experiencing is more of a fear of the unknown because things are out of your control. It is perfectly okay to be anxious about the unknown. Once the unknown becomes known then you can practice the patience to wait for this next step in your life.

  2. I read an article from a mom with many more kids (can't remember exactly how many, but more than me :) ). She went out and someone commented "Wow, you must have a lot of patience" and she replied "No, I need a few more kids to learn that"
    You grow into it (Thank God!) and pick your battles. But then I thought it was funny, becuase the day after I read taht articel, someone asked me that (back when I only had 3) and I had to snicker... no I am not patient.


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