Friday, August 26, 2011

Frying pans, a belt, a medicine dropper, and an airplane....

An odd list at best. Strangely these things have quite a bit in common.

It all goes back a few weeks. Since we travel so much, one of the items on the girls menu of play is "airplane". So I wasn't surprised when Ali asked me if she could use one of our small travel bags to play with to take their babies on a plane. " Sure", I said and promptly didn't think anything more of it. (Hence the reason the bag sat there for weeks, in the first place!)

Fast forward a week or so, and then a little more to today. I swear I had been losing my mind over the past few weeks. And my hubby his sanity. He would ask me where his belt was, and in frustration I would answer, "the last place you put it." Wrong answer...I'll explain later.

I started to find I was missing things too. Maybe it wasn't him...maybe it was me!?! For example, the baby's medicine dropper, I had a couple, but couldn't seem to find the spare. Which was a pain because I don't always get it washed out right away.

Then my small frying pans (they were just in the back of the cabinet right?), and sippy cups, those things were disappearing faster than ice-cream for dinner (that's a whole other blog post!), and blankets were misplaced as well. But with three kids it is easy to see how one can lose her mind, ah-hem, mis-place things. So I chalked it up to small children memory loss.

Then today I decided to finally put away that little black suitcase that has been sitting so neatly by the couch for a few weeks.

Much to my astonishment I discovered...........

My daughters are hoarders!

Or at least really crafty lil buggers, i mean, packers.

It was like opening Mary Poppins purse! I discovered at first what seemed a normal child would take on a play airplane. A blanket, a few doll bottles, a few stuffed baby animals, but who ever accused my family of being normal!?

Then it started to get weird.

Mommy win moment; the pair of shoes I have been fighting with my daughter about loosing for a week. Another pans! Yes two of my very randomly missing skillets and one small sauce pan. And a lid.

As I unpack further I notice the baby's medicine dropper (still sticky by the way) and a nuk. And some more shoes. Oh don't forget the 5 belts, two pair of slippers, and a few diapers (which we are always low on by the way). And then there it was...

my husbands belt

Yep that's the one.
The one I so smartly, er-uh, sassily told him it was wherever he last left it. So it was true, he didn't loose it. (Does this mean I have to apologize? He knows I didn't mean it, right?) And my sanity, that wasn't lost either...until now!
Two lil thief's came and hauled it away.

Now I should have caught on a long time ago. They are constantly using the STRANGEST items to put/hoard stuff in. I can't even explain the odd things I have found in slippers, boxes, socks, shoes, purses, baskets, or any other random "open" item you can think of.

So there you have it. If you ever find you are missing something you know you shouldn't be missing. Go look in the strangest place you can think of and I promise, if you have small will be there!


  1. Love it Colleen! I have experienced this kind of "hoarding" with my 3 girls from time to time too. LOL. It is certainly getting much less as they get older(13, 11 & 9). Enjoy the crazy moments while u can. Mothering has become less intense in some ways (needing me every minute) and more intense in other ways (attitudes & teen/preteen emotions). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Haha Donica! I am not ready for the "attitude" I do cherish these crazy antic moments. They are my joy, they really are. There isn't a day that goes by that these girls dont crack me up one way or another! THANKS for reading!

  3. That's hilarious!!! I have a hoarder at my house too. Luckily she only hoards small things, but she has stashes all over the house! And she is especially fond of money.

  4. Hmmmm smart! Money :). Depends how old she, my girls started young and have progressed over the past few years haha!


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