Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just simple thankfulness

I wasn't sure what I was going to write tonight. Another tutorial? A devotional? Something hilarious? (ok so am I ever that funny?)

Anyhow, as I was considering this I was watching nightline and it struck me. Something simple. Just my list of thankfulness.

Why did I come to this conclusion? They had on one of those 6 year old children, same age as my Alia, on. The ones from Toddlers and Tiaras. Don't even get me started on that show. But this was an interesting perspective. It was an interview and the mother TRULY believes she is doing for her daughter, when it is so plainly evident that she isn't. That poor little girl is so incredibly well trained to look for cues, non verbal mostly, from her mother for every instance for her life that she doesn't have the true ability to think for herself. It just makes me so sad to see. I want to cry for the little girl. Where has her innocence gone? where is it going if she gets, and I quote the mother, "the American dream of her getting a big movie roll"?

So that got me thinking of all the blessings I have been given in my children:

The fact that they can paint whenever they want, as in yesterdays post
The fact that they can throw a tantrum and get punished for it, and learn, and grow
The fact that they KNOW i love them no matter their looks or performances
The fact that they can revel in Gods beauty from nature
The fact that they can enjoy tubing in the chilly pristine mountain water
The fact that they can eat junk food as treats like kids are meant to
The fact that if they ask me to go play with them I can, I'm not too busy working on their next feat

I vow:
To protect my girls
To preserve their innocence as long as I possible can
To love them unconditionally
To discipline them when needed
To give an element of fun in every day they have
To teach them right from wrong
To teach them to respect and humble themselves to others
To adore my girls over anyone or anything else
To raise them to love Jesus, who he is, and what he stands for
To create excitement about learning
To teach them compassion
To hug them every day
To tell them I love them every time that feelings comes upon me!

So right now, when maybe yours are frustrating you. Just remember, they are all precious in His sight, and He did give them to you for a reason. They, naughty and all, are lucky to have you as their parent! Love them with every breath and strength you have. Treat every day as your last. And be glad you aren't famous!

Sorry this may have not been the most exciting post to read today, but I guess it is what is on my heart at this moment. And the next bed! :)

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  1. You are a great mom, it's evident. Sometimes some parent becomes too protective and tend to manipulate their own kids. It's sad to see that these kids don't enjoy stuffs on which they're supposed to experience. I so agree with this post. Let them draw, let them paint, let them live their lives as kid. Let them make mistakes and be sure to guide them on the right path.


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