Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Learning how to paint chalk.....

Oh my goodness! It has been almost a month since I posted?! I know, that is a no no! So sorry. We went back to WI for vacation. And man did I miss it. We just moved out to Utah almost a year ago...and I do like it here, but LOOK at these beautiful sunsets over the water? Couldn't be more calming.

Isn't it purdy?

Anywho, getting to what I wanted to write about today. If you haven't heard or caught on, the new biggest "thing" is Pinterest. And I think I am in love. I saw my fellow bloggers posting about it for a while and never checked it out, then, just then someone posted a recipe i wanted so bad, but you needed pinterest for it, so she said we could ask for invites, and that is exactly what I did! And I AM IN LOVE!

So I learned of sidewalk chalk paint. And I thought MAN that sounded easy and fun, so a paintin we went...

However getting there I have a few additional tips I learned.

I started out, with dixie cups, which I DON'T recommend! I put two TBSP cornstarch and two TBSP water in each of them, which proceeded to create little cups of cement! Not exactly painting material!

So don't get any ingenious ideas like me, stick with the good ol classic bowl.

Put in approximately (really it is much easier to just add till it feels right) EQUAL parts water and cornstarch. Mix till it is dissolved and your spoon doesn't grab at the bottom (if it does add little bits of water to it), It will seem fairly "watery" for "paint" this is ok, that is what you want!

Then pour your solution into those dixie cups, or for me, DI had (goodwill) your old fridge egg holders, which were perfect for this.

Note the cute little handle? How PERFECT is that for little kids!? I was pretty excited. They were, get this, a whopping $ .25 each!!

Once ready put at LEAST 5 drops of food coloring into each one. If you do less it really won't show up.

Viola! You are done! Go out and paint and have fun.

Ok I'm gonna tell you something, but promise to not laugh at me? Pinkie swear?

This stuff dries looking like you drew a creation with chalk!

I know I know, hence the name. But I was just thinking more sidewalk paint, so I was tickled pink when I saw it dry and look like this:

I know lame right! I guess I don't get out much these days. Or wait I do, to join in the fun! Pardon the fingers, my 6 year old wanted to take a pic!

So there ya have it. It took minutes to make and was worth over an hour of fun! Go for it. Let me know how yours turned out!


  1. Welcome back! Your sunset photo was beautiful and I enjoyed your turial. My kids would love to paint the sidewalk. They'd probably paint themselves too. :)

  2. Awe thank you!!! Haha at the kids painting themselves, I didn't post the pictures where the baby painted herself everywhere!
    yeah I didnt realize how much I missed lake sunsets and tree frogs...but I DO NOT miss the mosquitos!

  3. That looks cool. Now for the silly question, does it wash off as easily as chalk? I just wander about the food coloring. :)

  4. Suprisingly it washes off fine! Children too! I have no idea why? maybe something do with the cornstarch. but we had the pool out today and it is completely gone, no scrubbing needed.


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