Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Resolution

Nope I didn't say New Years. Got ya. Just as well might be though. I have made it a few million times right now. I really want to post every day. This time I have a pretty legitimate excuse though...
I got a new computer and it decided it did NOT want to be friends with me!
Anyhow I have a short update on my precious lil girl. I figured this would get me started and maybe I will even do another post today to get me started. Do you even read this? I know some do? What changes would you like to see/make? I would gladly adjust my content etc to what you read. I mean you are the most part as to why I write :) So comment away.
Anyhow onto Alia:
Just when you are ready to pull out your hair, ready to give your kids away....for a day, ready to mark it impossible then they go and do something amazing.
We were at a welcome party for the girls school (for new families to the area and school) and Alia saw a lil girl that I had pointed out. She was sitting all alone with such a sad and far away look on her face. She was ever so quiet and still. She looked like she was almost to cry. I told Alia to go say hi, she could have told me no that she was too nervous (the girl did look a bit older) and I would have been ok with that. But nope not my Ali. She went over and met her and learned that she just moved here much like Alia did just a year ago (yesterday! can you believe it?!) The little girl had arrived two days prior to this meeting and she was sad no second graders were there.
What happened next won't leave this mommy's lil girl made her feel welcome and friended....My little Alia proceeded to tell her all the good spots on the playground and all the wonderful things about going to her school.
We as moms should make more of an effort to be like that. Once again we are reminded of that bible verse where we are told to "be like a child" "have faith like a child" Now you can see why. Children have an amazing way about them, that should be celebrated and cherished!


  1. I think your blog is great. I loved that story. It sounds like your daughter was such a blessing to that little girl. I'm so glad you wrote this story down. I think your daughter will love reading it down the road too. :)

  2. Awe thank you so much!!! I appreciate your reading and your comments! really...
    Yeah i am sure my daughter will like reading it, she is sappy like me. HAHA


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